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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the booking process like?

You can book a consultation appointment directly through our website, or – if you do not find a suitable date and time – you can call the admin team on the mainline 02039838001, or email [email protected].

If your doctor requests tests after your consultation, the admin team will book you in. Please let us know if you require any adaptations to support your appointment(s) before your visit.

A follow-up appointment is then booked so that your doctor can share the results, and discuss further management if necessary.

The easiest way to manage your treatment with us is via our app. Please search for ‘One Heart Clinic’ in the app store or google play. You can use the messaging function within the app, view and reschedule your appointments, read information about your doctor, and send upload documents that you’d like your doctor to review ahead of your appointments.

I’m interested in the packages, how do I book them?

You have the opportunity to express your interest in the packages during your booking process; you can leave a note via the app or inform our admin team via telephone call or email. This will be added to your file and noted to the doctor ahead of the consultation. We can then make the booking arrangements with you if you doctor agrees to the tests you’re requesting.

Do you have a clinic closer to my address?

Get in touch with our pathway regional team and they will aim to get you booked in at a location closest to you. You can get in touch with them via on the mainline 02039838001, or through email [email protected].

How much are the tests?

The admin team will explain the costs and fees of the consultation and tests before booking you in. We will always disclose the prices and fees before any appointment you have so that you do not receive invoices that you’re not expecting.

Which insurance companies do you accept?

We accept most UK insurance companies. You must have your membership number, and claim number / authorisation code readily available when booking your tests in to confirm your appointments.

We also accept a wide range of international and global insurances companies. Please get in touch with the admin team to confirm whether we accept your insurance company. On occasion, we may request a Letter of Guarantee to secure your appointment(s).

Can I contact my doctor for queries relating to my care, outside of appointments?

We are pleased to use email and the in-app Live Chat to provide answers to short queries or administrative requests. However, these are not intended to replace consultations or to discuss and plan treatment options. As such, if you send multiple messages in relation to your management, you will need to arrange an appointment to discuss with your doctor.

What type of support can you offer during my appointment(s)?

We aim to be as accommodating as possible for all our patients, and can offer a variety of support options. We have an interpretation service available to all patients for all languages, which can be arranged ahead of your appointment(s) with the admin team. You will not need to pay for this service.

We can also provide a chaperone to be present during your consultations and tests, as well as same gender clinical staff, provided you make the request ahead of time to ensure we have the appropriate staff to support you.

Will I receive copies of my results (and when?)

You will be given your results and talked through your medical circumstances during your follow up consultation with your doctor. Copies of your reports and clinical letters will also be shared with you within 48hrs post follow-up. We have a secure platform that we use to email your results directly to you.

Please be advised that we are unable to disclose your results before your scheduled follow-up or prior to a thorough review by your doctor. This is essential for ensuring accurate and appropriate patient management in accordance with clinical protocols. Your doctor's comprehensive assessment is crucial to interpreting and contextualising the results, enabling them to provide you with the most informed and personalised guidance regarding your health. If you are requesting your results before your scheduled follow up appointment, this will need to be approved by the doctor overseeing your care. You can make this request to our team on the phone, by email, or in the clinic.

How can I request a prescription?

You can request a prescription via [email protected]. The admin team will forward your request to your doctor who will process the prescription for you, providing they are happy to issue it.

Please note prescriptions can only be issued by the doctor(s) overseeing your care for medico-legal compliance purposes. As such, we kindly ask you to request prescriptions, including repeat prescriptions, a week in advance so your doctor(s) can complete your request in time for your renewal.

You will receive an email from SignatureRx, an E-prescription service, with a unique code for the medication. You can opt for your medication to be delivered to your address, or collected from a pharmacy.

You are entitled to a repeat prescription with the One Heart Clinic. Where the first one is free of charge, repeat prescriptions are charged at £30. This does not apply to prescriptions where the Doctor has changed the medication or dosage, only identical scripts. Alternatively, you can request your prescription to be sent to your NHS GP.

Why do I need to leave card details to confirm booking?

We take card details at the point of booking so we can bill you for services provided. We store the card details securely in our system and send an invoice on receipt of those services. You can then pay the invoice via the link we send, or we can bill directly using the stored card details (which many patients often find much easier).

We will always disclose the prices and fees before any appointment you have so that you do not receive invoices that you’re not expecting.

Where can I send my reports/results for my Dr to review?

You can send your reports to [email protected]. We will ensure they are reviewed by your doctor before your consultation, and added to your patient records.

How soon can I be booked in?

We often have appointment availability on the same day or within 48 hours. Please speak to our admin team who will provide you with the next available appointment.

Can I bring someone along to my appointment(s)?

Yes, you can. We are happy to have someone accompany you for your appointment(s). If you are unable to bring someone along to your appointment, but still wish to be accompanied, we can provide a chaperone; please speak to the admin team before your appointments to organise this.

I have a GP referral; how can I book in to see a cardiologist?

Please send your referral to [email protected] or upload it through our website. We will be in touch to get you booked in.

Do the results get shared with my NHS GP?

We routinely write to the GP on file with your clinical letters and reports, unless you ask us not to. This ensures that the NHS doctor normally looking after you is aware of your prognosis and any medications that you are taking.

How do I pay my insurance excess?

Your insurance company will write to you with the amount of excess you need to pay to us. This excess is paid directly to the One Heart Clinic and can be done over the phone or through the link enclosed in the invoice that we will share with you.

What are the opening hours?

Our London sites are open 9am – 7pm, Monday – Friday. Our regional sites operating days and times vary depending on the location. Please give our enquiries team a call or look on the website page for your clinic for the information on opening hours.

Can I be seen if I am aged under 18?

Unfortunately, not. We can only see adult cases; therefore our patients must be ages 18 and above.