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Self-pay packages

One Heart Clinic offers a range of Self-Pay packages depending on your symptoms. These packages offer considerable savings compared to purchasing individual tests and consultations and provide the most cost-effective method of obtaining high-quality cardiac consultations and diagnostics.


A patient concierge will take you through the whole process and all packages include consultations with world-leading cardiologists. For most patients, the core package of investigations will provide a diagnosis. In some cases, further supplementary investigations may be required to achieve a diagnosis to plan treatment. Further testing will incur additional costs.

You can pay for all of our packages in easy to manage monthly instalments,
please see the details under each package for details.

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We believe the best cardiac care can only be achieved by the best cardiologists in their fields, working together, for you and your heart. Our consultants are able to offer appointments throughout the week and at weekends.

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