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Our consultants, associates and clinic team provide analysis and insight into the latest developments in cardiac care.

Is coffee good for the heart?

Many of us love to start our day with a coffee, with the popular caffeine hit perking...

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World Stroke Day 2019

Over our lifetimes, 1 in 4 of us will suffer a stroke. Strokes can happen with no...

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World Heart Day 2019

Celebrated on the 27th of September, World Heart Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of...

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What causes high blood pressure?

  Our blood pressure is a measurement of the force at which the blood pushes against the...

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Which sport can best improve your heart health?

Physical exercise is well known to benefit cardiovascular health. And if you are going to exercise, why...

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Palpitations: Something to Worry About?

Palpitations refer to a cardiovascular condition when your heart feels like it is beating too fast or...

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PTSD and the heart

PTSD Awareness Month June is the month in which we recognise and raise awareness of a condition...

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Sitting ducks: How your desk job can affect your heart health

Recent reports have shown that sitting, regardless of if you have an adequate fitness regime, significantly increases...

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The head and the heart: Mental health and heart disease

With 1 in 5 people admitting to having suffered from or currently being treated for a mental...

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Targeted health checks can better prevent heart attacks and strokes

Cardiovascular disease continues to be one of the major killers in the UK. Risk assessment and modification...

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How walking affects heart health

Experts appear unanimous that even a small amount of walking – as little as 30 minutes a...

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How sleep apnea affects the heart

Nobody needs to suffer as a result of snoring, least of all partners!! Snoring is a treatable...

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Keep positive and protect yourself from a heart attack

Our psychological well-being can affect our heart health. Research has shown the benefits of having a positive...

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Do fitness trackers improve my heart health?

You might have spotted more people in your local gym or park wearing fitness trackers in recent...

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Keyhole vs open heart surgery: gamechanging trial on aortic stenosis

Aortic stenosis is a condition in which the valve between the main pumping chamber of the heart...

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How sleep affects heart health

How are you sleeping these days? Getting an adequate amount of sleep recharges your batteries for the...

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Can drinking tea reduce my risk of a heart attack?

There is much said about the benefits of tea but what is the truth as far as...

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Can eating chocolate be good for my heart?

The British Heart Foundation is running a ‘Dechox’ campaign in February to encourage us to give up...

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Can love lead to a healthy heart?

Love is all you need. Does that apply to your heart health? Can being in love actually...

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Research Article: Guiding intervention to coronary arteries

This study advances our understanding of how coronary artery disease, which is one of the major killers...

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World Cancer Day: Everything you should know about cancer and the heart

World cancer day is on the 4th February. Despite the rapid advances in cancer detection and treatment,...

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How much exercise should I be doing to help my heart?

The recommendations for adults are at least 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity per week. That’s at...

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The effects of alcohol on the heart

It’s “Dry January” and many of us will be focused on our alcohol consumption. When we think...

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A high fibre diet is associated with a lower risk of heart disease

Increasing your intake of fibre will reduce your chance of a heart attack according to a large...

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What does heart rate changes with exercise tell you about your risk of future heart disease?

Taking steps to improve your overall fitness and exercise performance will help reduce your risk of heart...

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Women who smoke or have diabetes are ‘more at risk from heart attacks than men’

A study has found that women who smoke or have diabetes are more at risk from heart...

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Choose Low Carb Over Low Fat for a Healthy Heart

Carbs Vs Fat

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Can Eating Out be Healthy?

10 rules for healthy eating out …

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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Insertion (TAVI)

A minimally invasive operation adding years to life and life to those years!…

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‘Fit Notes’ for Running a Marathon?

Should a ‘fit note’ be compulsory for marathon runners?

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Writing for One Heart Clinic

Why am I, and my colleagues, writing articles for our site?

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