World-Renowned Cardiology Consulting and State-of-the-Art Cardiac Diagnostics in the Heart of London

One Heart Clinic provides comprehensive cardiac care in the heart of Harley Street, London, and offers the full range of non-invasive cardiology investigations, using state-of-the-art equipment.

The Clinic

One Heart Clinic believes the best cardiac care can only be achieved by the best cardiologists in their fields, working together, for you and your heart. We aim to provide easy access and comprehensive patient-centred care to world-class standards. Our consultants are able to offer appointments, throughout the week and at weekends.

Our Consultants

One Heart Clinic is led by three world-leading cardiologists who each specialise in their specific interest areas, and together provide comprehensive cardiac care.

Conditions & Treatments

At One Heart Clinic we provide comprehensive cardiac care. We manage all aspects of heart disease and screening including common cardiac symptoms - chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness, dizziness and blackouts, Further information on heart conditions and their treatments is available by clicking 'Discover More'.

The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre

The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre is a one-stop private medical practice located in the heart of Singapore. We provide the latest and most advanced treatments for cardiovascular diseases to patients residing in Singapore and South East Asia.

News & Comment

Our consultants, associates and clinic team provide analysis and insight into the latest developments in cardiac care.

Keyhole vs open heart surgery: gamechanging trial on aortic stenosis

Aortic stenosis is a condition in which the valve between the main pumping chamber of the heart (left ventricle) and the main artery to the body (aorta) becomes thickened with reduced mobility. This results in reduced blood flow leading to chest pain, heart failure, blackouts (syncope) or death.

Date posted

March 21, 2019

How sleep affects heart health

How are you sleeping these days? Getting an adequate amount of sleep recharges your batteries for the coming day, ensuring that you have enough 'gas in the tank'. But did you know that sleep can also be very important for cardiovascular health?

Date posted

March 14, 2019

Can drinking tea reduce my risk of a heart attack?

There is much said about the benefits of tea but what is the truth as far as your heart health is concerned?

Date posted

March 8, 2019