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One Heart Clinic consultants Dr Ravi Assomull, Dr Fakhar Khan and Dr Sayan Sen receive regular feedback from patients as they recover thanks to the wonderful care they have received.

Feedback is taken from Doctify.co.uk and GoodDoctor.com

"Having suffered a stroke at the age of 40, I first met Dr Sen when the suspected cause may have been linked to a cardiovascular issue. Dr Sen and his team quickly discovered that I required two separate procedures to reduce the risk of further strokes. Throughout my care, Dr Sen has been informative, thorough, efficient and reassuring. At each stage in my treatment, all available options and outcomes were explained to me in detail, so I was able to make a personal informed decision. I cannot thank Dr Sen enough for the excellent treatment he continues to give me, and I would happily recommend him without hesitation to anyone who requires a competent, knowledgeable cardiologist." February 13th 2018


"I cannot stress how great Dr Sen was and still is as my cardiac consultant. Though everyone on the NHS team has been brilliant, Dr Sen was the problem solver when things went wrong and was the grease in the wheels when things slowed down. I'm very grateful to have Dr Sen looking out for me, it's like having my own private doctor, he's quite remarkable!" February 7th 2018


"In October 2017 I had a TAVI procedure done by Dr Sen. He explained everything to me very cleary, was most attentive and caring throughout and achieved a successful outcome. He was always available to respond to questions from myself or my family and I felt that nothing was too much trouble to make sure I understood what was happening and was comfortable." February 6th 2018


"I have felt very grateful to be under Dr Sen's care as he is clearly very thorough and conscientious in his approach to his work. My symptoms were somewhat unique so he left no stone unturned in his efforts to reach an accurate diagnosis." February 6th 2018


"Doctor Sen and all the personnel he works with, at the various locations where I was tested or treated, were excellent, professional and friendly. I never have thought I would say this... but I actually enjoyed the experience." February 6th 2018


"Thank you for all your help and care. I am very grateful for your kindness and help in my road to recovery." September 18th 2017


"You and all your staff imbued me with confidence and I am deeply grateful for the remarkable service I received. My grateful thanks for your professionalism and, incidentally, quiet humour - so much appreciated." September 12th 2017


"Very clear and reactive. Very good." August 25th 2017


"I would like to thank you for my successful surgery. You have been very patient and outstanding." August 9th 2017


"Thank you for the excellent treatment I received fro you and your staff. I am very grateful for the considerate and expert treatment and advice." August 7th 2017


"Dr Assomull was very personable and approachable as a consultant. My appointment went really well." April 5th 2017


"Feel very confident that Sayan Sen will be able to help me with my condition." March 29th 2017


"Having had a number of tests, following a suspected heart attack in mid-November 2016, I met Dr Sen at the Westminster Community Cardiology Service. I was assessed as an 'urgent' admission for angiography and ended up at the Heart Assessment Centre at Hammersmith Hospital. Dr Sen's intervention to get me seen quickly almost certainly saved me from another heart attack - and probably worse. I believe, as a layman, that his review of my previous history and the more recent test ensured that the procedure he recommended was the low risk/high return option for me. The whole team at HAC were exemplary and within 12 hours I had undergone an angioplasty procedure. Thank heavens for the wonderful NHS." February 12th 2017


"I have met with Dr Sen on a number of occasions and he has always been thorough, clear and extremely helpful. Highly recommended." January 3rd 2017


"Since my cardiac surgery in 2010 I have been dealing with several cardiologists in NHS and in private treatment. I must say that Dr. Sen comes across not only as extremely knowledgeable, but as one who takes my condition seriously, communicates with me thoroughly, discusses the various options and their merits and the demerits in depth. He has a strong concern for my well-being and follows up regularly. Most importantly he also listens to my feedback and symptoms I report and takes appropriate action, which is a big difference compared to other Cardiologists I came across. Overall it has been an excellent experience and a refreshing one from the past." October 8th 2016


"When you are with Dr. Sayan Sen you can rest assured that you are in caring and excellent hands. I am recommending to any of my friends and acquaintances who may need checks or treatment to have full confidence in Dr. Sen. Having been through a somewhat unexpected and worrying time, being in the care of this kind and caring gentleman, is all I could have asked for. I recommend that anyone who needs expert attention plus the added bonus of a wonderful caring and patient individual, then look no further." September 27th 2016


"One of the best if not the best cardiologist in the city. Due to many health issues I have seen a ton of doctors over the years and he is the all-time best. Dr. Assomull and his staff are very responsive, should you have a problem or questions. You can't find a cardiologist this good. You need to know him and stay with him as long as you can." July 22nd 2014


"Very happy with treatment. Did very well. Excellence epitomized. He was so great! Very calm and intelligent, and very approachable. Never fails to bring his contagious positive attitude." May 22nd 2014


"He was so nice and informative. Been my cardiologist for 2 years, excellent manner and knowledge. I would recommend to all my friends,and I would choose this doctor again. Gave me hope and look forward to seeing him again." March 4th 2014


"He explained the medical terms in a clear manner. He truly cares about how you are doing. Dr. Assomull was extremely knowledgeable and treated me with kindness and respect." July 2nd 2013