Research has played an important role in the careers of One Heart Clinic’s three consultants, Dr Ravi Assomull, Dr Fakhar Khan and Dr Sayan Sen. Each has a highly-respected history of undertaking ground-breaking research that has, in turn, developed new practice techniques that have been adopted internationally.

They remain leaders in their field and continue to be at the forefront of significant new research that will contribute to further improvements and innovation in the way cardiology and patient-centred care is delivered.

  • Dr Ravi Assomull
    Dr Ravi Assomull's research is mainly focused on advanced cardiovascular imaging and coronary intervention. In particular Dr Assomull has investigated the applications of Cardiac MRI in heart failure which has changed how patients with heart failure are risk-stratified for sudden cardiac death.

  • Dr Fakhar Khan
    Dr Fakhar Khan specialises in the management of patients with heart rhythm disorders. His research has focused on this area of cardiac care, including a major clinical trial on improving outcomes for patients needing cardiac resynchronization therapy.

  • Dr Sayan Sen
    Dr Sayan Sen's academic interests include the development and validation of new diagnostic tools, determining how study design can influence the clinical use of competing therapies and the development and application of tools that permit a more patient-centred approach to therapy. One of the themes of his research is to determine which patients should be treated with stents.


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