Our Philosophy

One Heart Clinic believes the best cardiac care can only be achieved by the best cardiologists in their fields, working together, for you and your heart.

One Heart Clinic provides a comprehensive and contemporary approach to patients with cardiovascular conditions, and is led by three cardiologists who between them are experts and opinion leaders in all aspects of cardiovascular disease. Dr Ravi Assomull, Dr Fakhar Khan and Dr Sayan Sen have trained in some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in London and Cambridge. They trust each other to provide expert opinion tailored to the individual patient and work collaboratively for all patients within the Clinic.

One Heart Clinic, A Team Approach

With expertise in interventional cardiology, heart rhythm disorders and cardiac imaging our consultants work together to ensure the highest quality care for their patients. This multi-disciplinary ethos ensures every patient can count on a bespoke management plan formulated by the opinion of several experts as opposed to the views of a single individual.

Quality and efficiency of service is at the core of our philosophy. We operate in private clinics across London and will shortly be opening a new base in London's prestigious medical district on Harley Street. We aim to see our patients within 24 hours of referral and can see them on the day of referral if there are any serious concerns.

Uniquely, appointments with One Heart Clinic consultants can be arranged 7 days a week, subject to availability.

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