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Clinical profile

I have been an invasive consultant cardiologist and general physician in the NHS for the last 25 years at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and latterly, St Thomas’s Hospital.This experience hasprovided the benefit of evaluating both the specialist cardiological and other medical clinical symptoms. In the past, I have also been an intensivist for the first 5 years of being a consultant. The mainstay of my career has been as an invasive cardiologist with a broad experience in echocardiography, transoesophageal echocardiography, pacemaker implantation and invasive coronary angiography.

Over the years, I have become accredited in cardiac MRI and cardiac CT angiography (US Board certified in 2009). Currently, apart from general cardiology, my main sub-specialist interest is in hypertension.

Academic interests

I have had a strong interest in research, having had a British Heart Foundation Fellowship to complete my MD thesis.

Previously, I was the President of the national Telemedicine Society, promoting the development of technical solutions in providing equitable delivery of healthcare. I won a national prize in the government sponsored “Invest to Save” project in 1999 for developing delivering healthcare to prisons.

I have been a Senior Fellow at the Royal Brompton Hospital, participating in cardiac MRI research.

I created the Cardiovascular Risk Institute in SE London over twenty years ago to undertake clinical research in cardiac risk factors. I have had the privilege to have been the Principle Investigator in ground breaking research that has changed clinical practice (ASCOT, EUROPA, SPARCL, IMPROVEIT).

Over the years, I have combined my academic interests with administrative functions such as having being the Clinical Director of the Cardiac Network, in order to develop local cardiological services for SE London. I now am the clinical lead in developing newer ways of delivering cardiological healthcare in Bexley.




Universite de Grenoble, France

Diplome de Francais, June 1978


University of London                            Oct 1978-Jun 19802nd MB

Kings College                                        Sep 1980-Jun 1981   BSc Physiology

Westminster Medical School               Sep 1981-Jun 1984   MBBS


Royal College of Physicians                  MRCP February 1987, FRCP April 2002

University of London                            MD December 1994

Board certified in the USA as “Diplomate in Cardiovascular CT” 2009.

Hypertension: (Fellow of the European Society of Hypertension)

Research and publications:


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Fee information:

New patient video or telephone consultation: £200

Follow up video or telephone consultation: £125