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Cardiovascular (heart and circulatory) disease remains the biggest killer in the UK, accounting for over a quarter of all deaths. During the last 60 years, due to improvements in medical practice and research, and a greater awareness of the causes and symptoms of the disease, overall mortality has halved. However, there is still a significant rate of premature death and significant morbidity associated with cardiac disease.

If you have experienced aches, pressure or pains in the chest, palpitations, breathlessness, or dizziness and blackouts, click on the appropriate ‘Symptoms’ button to discover more information about the likely causes and the treatments available. A list of conditions and treatment procedures is also available.

Please note that the medical pages provided on this website are for information only and must not be taken as a diagnosis of any symptom or condition that may be affecting you. Likewise, any suggested treatments are provided as an indication of likely procedures, although may not be suitable for every individual.

In all cases, if you are suffering from any of the symptoms described, you should seek medical opinion via a consultation. Please contact One Heart Clinic for more information and to book an appointment.




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Chest Pain, Ache, Pressure

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Syncope (Dizziness and Blackouts)

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